MVD Artists Invade The Q102.9

RTD’s Music Video event artists have taken over the airwaves on the Q 102.9! On-air personality Bryan James individually interviewed Inconsistent Me, Mike Covers, Luna Keller and Tommy Gibbons — all appeared on our very first “I Want My MVD”, which featured the music videos of each performer.

“Bryan is such a lovely person,” said Luna. The biggest promotional boost was playing their new singles on air.

Throughout February, RTD will be scheduling its Virtual Live Concert artists on the Q’s interviewing spots. Listen in every Wednesday morning at 7:10 am (MST):



Click onto your favorite artist interview below!

The Q1029 – Inconsistent Me Interview

The Q1029 – Mike Covers Interview

RTD Mentorship Program Goes High Tech!

March 15th  marks the launch of RTD’s automated Mentorship Lesson Program. Artists, bands and songwriters will be able to join the program and work directly off the website any time, day or night.

Communication with their assigned mentors will still be executed via emails and texts, but the lesson convenience for students will improve, and they can work at their own pace. Rewards for completing assignments will also be automatically distributed by simply pushing a button to notify mentors that the student is ready for the good stuff!

We’re constantly looking for ways to assist aspiring artists to follow their dreams through guidance, networking and education — walking down the right path will make the process much easier and more quickly achieved.

Check out Mentor Program Testimonials!

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Rock The Dream is a charity organization on a mission to educate and aid struggling musicians and songwrit-ers. By giving the artists access to information, proper procedures and instructional assistance, they are able to achieve and follow their dreams.

This includes financial donations to those school programs and other institutions, who offer assistance to future artists. Our goal is to increase the opportunities and exposure for bands and artists to secure a career; and, thereby expand the choices of music available to the masses.

Rock the Dream officially received their 501(c)(3) in December 2017. Shortly after our launch, the RTD founders pulled their resources together and organized our first charity event in 2018.


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