Rock The Dream is a charity organization on a mission to educate and aid struggling musicians and songwriters.
By giving the artists access to information, proper procedures and instructional assistance, they are able to achieve and follow their dreams.
This includes financial donations to those school programs and other institutions, who offer assistance to future artists. Our goal is to increase
the opportunities and exposure for bands and artists to secure a career; and thereby expand the choices of music available to the masses.

Rock the Dream officially received their 501(c)(3) in December 2017. Shortly after their launch, the RTD founders pulled their resources
together and organized their first charity event. The passion behind Rock the Dream is a shared philosophy by the whole music-loving
volunteer team. Their special hands-on approach is what sets Rock the Dream apart from other organizations in the music industry.
By providing guidance every step of the way, this team strives to achieve the motto that no artist gets left behind.