If you are an artist and need help navigating through the music industry, help is here.
The biggest need that most struggling bands and artists agree is -- it takes a TEAM!

Rock the Dream has officially launched its Mentorship Program and for a limited time,
every artist who enrolls will receive one free month, to experience the benefits of this lesson plan.

This process will help prepare them with the professional tools, knowledge, networking connections
and skills necessary to jump from local to regional, and then national touring level.

The plan consists of several individual lessons that artists complete at their pace, and then earn a reward.
A mentor is assigned to each lesson and will assist and review the artists as they progress through their homework.

The rewards range from social media campaigns, website design, photoshop services, wardrobe styling, performance coaching, and much more.

The cost is $50 per month, which directly funds the nonprofit Rock the Dream. No contracts, so you can leave at any time.

If you are interested in participating in the Mentorship Program with one free month to see if this is right for you,
email: for more information or to enroll.