Here’s money, here’s exposure, here’s new fan opportunities! Where are you?

RTD is booking 4 upcoming events for bands and artists of all genres! If you sit and wait, all the spots will be “gone in 30 seconds.” The icing on the cake is that booked artists also get air time on the Q 102.9.

Saturday, April 24
5pm PDT / 8pm EDT

Pays artist guarantee of $25 minimum
Interview with 3 music videos in 20-minute session.
Opportunity for air time on the Q 102.9

Booking throughout March and April 2021
Released on all RTD social media platforms
Artists awarded Raffle entry to win $100 Target Gift Card

Saturday, May 22
5pm PDT / 8pm EDT
Instagram @rockthedreamnonprofit
Pays artist guarantee of $25 minimum
Live 15-minute concert performance
Opportunity for air time on the Q 102.9

Instructed by Multi-Platinum Producer Loren Israel
(Sugarcult, Jimmy Eat World, Plain White Ts, Neon Trees, more)
Saturday, May 29
4:30pm PDT & 5:30pm PDT
Free to the artist — Rock the Dream pays the $200 registration fee

These are the wildest booking offers ever for aspiring bands and artists. This is what we do here at Rock the Dream! Interested? Email

Music Video Showcase Luna Keller:

Music Video Showcase Mike Covers:

A Rockin’ evening With Tommy Gibbons

Feb 2021 Virtual Live Concert featuring Advika and MC Kameltoe and “Most Favorite” winners War Is Over.

February 2021 Workshop with songwriter Corry Michaels and Producer Loren Israel; Dec Songwriting Workshop with Jon Worthy and Loren Israel



MVD Artists Invade The Q102.9

RTD’s Music Video event artists have taken over the airwaves on the Q 102.9! On-air personality Bryan James individually interviewed Inconsistent Me, Mike Covers, Luna

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Rock the Dream is featuring live concerts on Instagram for aspiring artists seeking performance opportunities. The lucky 5-6 artists/bands chosen will share in the admission

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Virtual Songwriting Workshop!

Rock the Dream is sponsoring select artists to participate in a Virtual Songwriting Workshop with multi-platinum producer and A&R Consultant, Loren Israel. Loren, who worked

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By Kerry Oliver, Rock the Dream

Traveling hundreds of miles through Michigan, Indiana and Ohio in just five days, Inconsistent Me marks the end to another FUN High School Tour with a twist. Getting to each state, right before the school systems closed was pure luck, until Michigan where he missed the last closure by 24 hours.

“We crossed our fingers that the tour wouldn’t be cancelled, and he made it through all but one . . . that’s a win!” stated Angelica Herrera, Rock the Dream Concert Coordinator.

Since he launched his solo career on his first tour back in April 2019, he has accomplished three tours in over five states and 14 schools, performing in front of hundreds of new fans.

Due to the virus outbreak and the question of when and how schools will re-open, his next Rock the
Campus tour is delayed to the Spring of 2021 with plans to squeeze in at least four tour routes through December.Michigan where he missed the last closure by 24 hours.

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“It’s QuaranTIME” Contest By Angelica Herrera, Rock the Dream

We want to send a huge thank you to everyone who submitted a 30-second video and helped make our “It’s QuaranTIME” a success!

The contest served as a fun way to raise money for the charity as Rock the Dream and the entire music industry have been significantly devastated by Covid-19 and the stay-at-home mandates implemented throughout the country.

All of the video submissions were funny and incredibly creative. We want to give a special congratulations to Emerson Jones, the winner of the $50 Target Gift Card! His video submission received 39% of the votes.

“FIRST VIRTUAL LIVE CONCERT” By Kerry Oliver, Rock the Dream

And the winner is . . . Onella!

Rock the Dream hosted its first Virtual Live Concert with 6 bands and artists competing for a $100. Target Gift Card! The line-up included, Inconsistent Me, Point 5, First Round’s On Me, A Note Two Self, Toxic Hearts, and of course, the winner Onella.

Promoted on Instagram, this night of music and fun was also great exposure for the artists with about 100 gathering to view this blend of different genres from pop to rock to rap.

Rock the Dream is hosting its next Virtual Live Concert on August 1st, featuring Onella as the former winner and The Breakes from Indiana! Another 4 bands will be joining soon. If you are a
band or artist and wish to perform, email for more info.