Growing up between two cultures and surrounded by music Luna Keller is a singer-songwriter with a unique perspective fueled by her curiosity and a deep connection to her emotions through songwriting. Her family moved from Germany to Spain when she was just 6 months old. As a result she grew up far away from most of her family and traveling often from a young age. As a constant companion on her journey music kept finding ways to fascinate her. Starting with her parents singing and playing the guitar for her to fall asleep and taking her to concerts and eventually falling in love with songwriting. Through it she found a true connection to herself, going as far as calling her songs “friends“ that help her process life. With the help of her father and wonderful musicians from all over the world she’s now turned that connection and passion for music …



Whooz Kameltoe? I’m a songwriter who has always approached life at a unique angle. My blessing/curse is a hypercritical eye for what everyone else seems to accept at face value. Even at a young age I compared sitting in a classroom to sitting in a conditioning chamber for sitting in a cubicle. When the time came to sit through college, my butt was sore; I packed a bag and hit the road without any money, resources, or expectations. This adventure lasted an unexpected and exciting four years! I’ve lived in glamorous cities, rural farms, desolate desert, on a bicycle, deep in the folds of tropical paradise, the beach, creative artistic communities, dirty punk houses, and cardboard boxes. These are the experiences my songwriting comes from. From family classics like “kill me while i’m young” to holiday favorites like “I’ll hail satan”. My crazy songs are all true stories.


Onella began singing at the age of six and is an eight-time titleholder for Sri Lanka’s All Island Music Competition. Onella’s composition was selected by Sri Lankan superstar Keerthi Pasqual for her first international collaboration. She won the 2019 Donald Chen Young Artist Award, and performed at the North Shore Chorale Society Concert. She was honored with awards from the NATS Conference Competition, and the North Park University’s Performance Arts in 2018. Co-founder of the Thousand Mile Choir for Refugees and Immigrants, Onella currently holds a Masters in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from North Park University.


This 16-year-old singer-songwriter has toured throughout the U.S. performing the festival circuit, making her coastal home bases in California and Florida. She has won many a title, including the Teen Talent winner at the Oak Harbor Festival for the past 3 years. Her first composition on ukulele at age 13, “Can’t Tell Me No” has recently been released and is available for download on all major music platforms. She is self-producing her next 2 singles, “Cloud 9” and “High School” slated for release later this year. Originally from Washington, she loves vintage fashion and cars and opts for anything slightly funky, fresh, and fun.