Team Group: STAFF



Katie is from the Connecticut Shoreline and will be graduating with her Bachelor’s in Business in May. She is, and have always been, very passionate about music and loves many different genres and styles. She spend most of her time with my friends and listening to music. She is looking forward to learning a lot about the music industry at RTD and hoping to gain a lot of experience and new music to listen to.  


From the Chicago suburbs, Gianna is a recent graduate from the University of Iowa where she studied Marketing and Event Management. She enjoys listening to music, going to concerts, hiking, spending time with friends and family, and playing with her dog and rabbit. Two interesting facts about her: She’s been bit by a sting ray, and won front row Justin Bieber tickets by winning a singing contest in the middle of Mall of America.  


Ava has loved music ever since she was young. She plans on majoring in film once back in school. Writing is also another enjoyment.  She appreciates being a part of RTD!  


A resident of central North Carolina, Austin is currently obtaining his Bachelor’s in Music Business at Full Sail University. He loves all types of music, however he mainly dabbles in hip-hop and rock. Besides listening, he thoroughly enjoys talking about music and learning about music. After graduation, he hopes to venture into music law or to open his own live venue. Besides music, he loves to cook, hang out with friends and watch movies.  


Music has been his passion for as long as he can remember. From interning at summer festivals to working at the House of Blues venue in Boston , he is constantly striving toward furthering his career within the music industry. Through this internship, he is excited to grow his current skills and learn more about the music business.  


Lindsey is a student at University of Southern California majoring in creative writing with minors in songwriting and nutrition. She’s originally from Connecticut but plans to stay in LA after graduating. She’s also a yoga teacher, plays guitar, and has a small tattoo addiction.  


Diane graduated from Independence University with a B.A. in graphic and web design and loves music. She has managed 3 bands and booked several clubs in San Diego. She spends her free time going to concerts.  


Grayce is a student at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland. She is studying business and music industry with hopes of graduating in 2020. In 2017, Grayce decided to leave behind her former school and college soccer career, to transfer and pursue her dream of working in the music industry. She enjoys attending concerts and music festivals, along with dog walking through Wag! (her fundraising choice). Grayce plans on pursuing her industry goals of becoming a tour manager or musical event planner in the future.  


Nataya began her career in the music industry 10 years ago, booking concerts and assisting in band operations. She joined GKR in 2011 as the assistant Tour Manager and has continued in this role for multiple concert tours. She has conducted over 45 Rock the Vote class presentations. Her expertise also includes corporate sponsorships, web development, graphic design, video production, social media development and coordination. She is currently pursuing her DVM at University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine.  


Kerry brings 25+ years of music industry experience to RTD in artist and tour management, concert production, marketing and corporate sponsorships. Her degree is in Marketing Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations, specializing in Media Relations from California State University, Fullerton. Her main focus with GKR is within the Charity sections encompassing the Charity Tours and Artist Development programs.