Our goal is to assist each intern in developing a professional set of skills, including effective communication, organization, problem-solving, follow-through on projects and many more of the soft skills future career-building companies are looking for.

We’re focused on training interns effectively, so they have the ability to compete in today’s job market, not just in the entry levels, but to obtain the skills necessary to rise into management at a quicker pace.

Interns will learn about the music industry and receive hands-on experience while working directly with our roster bands, artists and staff members. We also hire interns for paid odd jobs for Rock the Dream or our artists. And, we hire those who show us their abilities to adapt to our fast-pace operations and exhibit the skills we and they need to be successful.


Each of these professions are interactive and necessary to compliment and elevate each other.


  • Brand and re-brand artist images
  • Book Interviews with Media
  • Promote Concerts, Events and Tours
  • Run your own Blog and manage social media platforms
  • Create unique content
  • Create music videos and other advertising tools, take eye-catching photos, and more.
  • Write press releases, newsletters, biographies, media articles, etc.

There are many facets to booking, which include booking tours and shows for a specific talent; representing aspecific event or venue and booking all talent, and booking multiple venues for a tour. And, to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and for your artists to look like a professional touring act, these skills are crucial.

  • Research and book festivals, fairs, malls, schools, etc. for a tour or individual shows.
  • Training on how to manage backstage, stage transitions, and a tour route.
  • Co-produce events, tours and shows.
  • Manage an Intern Team and your artists.
  • Secure sponsors and other income to increase profitability.
  • Set an itinerary and manage a band on tour or backstage.
  • Learn the industry terminology.
  • MC events and concerts.


Working with other interns and instructed by seasoned event/concert specialists, interns will participate inproducing fundraisers, concerts and tours from the ground up. Hands on experience with every aspect ofproduction. Fundraising will also be executed on an individual basis to help improve soft skills, and is aprimary focus so interns learn how to succeed in their projects and assignments.

  • Research and book venues.
  • Create Plans and Action Lists to execute all the tasks required in any production.
  • Managing a team, staffing an event.
  • Time management and how to execute tasks, which include insurance, bookings, financials, sponsor
  • solicitations, talent coordination, promotional campaigns, etc.
  • Learn what to do when the unexpected happens.


Be a part of the Artist’s Team! Work directly with the artists and gain insight into all aspects of artist management and Development.

  • Learn the terminology to gain respect from the artists, as well as industry VIPs.
  • Guide RTD artists through their assigned projects which are designed to help them navigate the music industry.
  • Become a part of their decision-making process.
  • Assist them with level-building tasks to elevate their professional standing in the industry, such as press photos, merchandising, stage and tour management, etc.


An advertiser’s best friend. You will learn how to utilize your talent/desire for artistic skills by pairing it with a target market, an end goal, and proper content.

  • Design Event and Concert Flyers, Posters, Banners, Tutorials, Newsletters.
  • Conceptualize and design Album artwork, logos and Merch.
  • Website design – creation and execution.
  • Creation of music videos, other promotional videos, and instructional tools for bands/artists/RTD.


This skill takes years to learn. We will train you on what most labels are seeking and what we, at RTD, feel is valuable. We will do our best to squeeze this learning process into the time you are with us.

  • Research bands/artists of many genres and locations.
  • Connect and build relationships with the approved bands/artists.
  • Learn how to spot potential in songwriting and artist dynamics.
  • Gain experience in exposing these artists to established labels, management, and booking agencies.


This is the money maker at any show and on any tour! This is how artists will eat… or not.

  • Create a national touring level Merch Booth visually, and how to run it properly.
  • Strategize on sales techniques, inventory, pricing, and financial analysis to achieve the highest profit.
  • Gain experience on how to create top-selling merchandise, so it “sells itself”.
  • Learn techniques to drive fans to the Merch Booth.
  • How to prepare your band/artist to increase sales.


Market testing is crucial to the success of any product. Songs are the same. Testing a band’s demographic for their feedback is crucial to moving a single or album forward.

  • Research the band’s new song, image, demographics so you can create an accurate test.
  • Interview the band’s demographic with questions designed to give insight into the commercialism success of the song.
  • Video Editing of the interviews and analysis of their answers, along with your own assessment.


Band movement is crucial to entertaining stage performance. The audience wants to be involved in the show. Eye contact, movement, engagement, command, presence – all are a part of the choreography that will separate your band from all the other bands.

  • Study the band dynamics, image, target audience, music.
  • Create a movement to exhibit the bands selling points.
  • Learn how to incorporate movement, eye contact, engagement, command, and presence into your choreography.


Financials – always overlooked in band-land, yet without proper bookkeeping and budgeting, nothing can happen, because everything requires “money”! We have a set template to work from, so this training can be simplified in order for an artist to comprehend and maintain.

  • Learn how to budget and project for concerts, recordings, touring, and every business aspect of a band.
  • Teach the bands how to accomplish a solid budget and to manage the numbers with flexibility and income options.
  • Learn how to operate QuickBooks and basic accounting.


Hard-working, passionate interns to assist in our busy environment. Candidate should thrive on planning and executing artist development projects, fundraising activities and events, research and artist scouting tasks.

This is an unpaid, remote position. Candidate must be available a minimum of 8 hours a week and have access to internet, email, Skype/Zoom and a phone. The internship is an 8-month term. If you don’t have the time, please don’t apply.


Submit resume and cover letter to
Include availability and answer the following questions:


Jessie Cheng

Lindsey Batista

Chris Williamson

"At RTD, I've learned a lot about the ins and outs of the music industry and what it takes for an artist to get started. I've learned the importance of communication and teamwork. I have also improved my social media skills and gained knowledge on tracking the content that works. So far, I love my experience at RTD and I'm grateful that they're here to see me succeed personally and professionally."
Gianna Cimo
"Interning with Rock The Dream has been utterly amazing. So far, I have tackled a number of pro-jects that will help me further along in my hopeful career in the music industry. I expect to learn so much more than I could ever imagine. If you are looking to branch into the music industry, Rock The Dream is a great place to start."
Diamond Price
"RTD tailors to your interests and allows you to gain experience in any music business related field that you’d like to explore. Thanks to RTD I have explored my interests in event planning and mar-keting. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience and am grateful to be a part of the RTD team!"
Bridget Borbor
"I have really enjoyed my experience at Rock the Dream. I look forward to learning about artist development and booking, as well as coming up with creative marketing strategies for TikTok."
Alisann Cohen
"My time at Rock the Dream has been very eye-opening. I have had the chance to work on projects I never imagined completing before fully entering the industry, including scouting and artist development."
Tess Bladow
"RTD has given me the chance to become connected to the music industry, helping me explore a variety of areas and projects that would be of interest to me. Not only are my hard skills improving with my experience at RTD, but I also look forward to bettering important soft skills that will be beneficial to any career I pursue moving forward."
Maggie Luo