Jewelia is a South London based singer- songwriter and producer, who just hit over a million views on Youtube. With the dedicated help of her fans and her music circulating to listeners of different countries, she’s etching her far flung musical scorch.

“City of My Mind”, Jewelia’s debut album, was played on the BBC, and extensively on radio stations Cambridge 105 and Cam FM, which voted it the Album of The Year.

In 2015, her song “Aquarium” was chosen as the official soundtrack for “13 Shades of Romanian”, an award winning TV mini series. The soundtrack appeared on major radio stations in Romania (National FM and Europa FM). Broadening her entire audience, the soundtrack also aired during the film festivals in Rome, Los Angeles, London and Sidney.

While dramatically centering her vocals, and creating a mixture of art pop, new age and piano-powered fairy-tales, her content is sweeping around the globe.